Final conference

On Friday, 27th of September, Intercultural Association Mobility Friends staff members from the EU Projects Department, Joaquín Martín de Saavedra Rojas and José Dias, organized the Multiplier Event for the Erasmus+ KA 2 project: 2017-3-EE01-KA205-046743 · “Entrepreneurship 4 Youth” in Barcelos, Portugal. In order to reach a better impact and visibility for the project itself, […]

E4Y Dissemination event by Intercultural Association Mobility Friends

On the last Wednesday 11 th of September, Joaquín Martín de Saavedra Rojas, member of the EU Projects Department at Intercultural Association Mobility Friends, had the opportunity to deliver a workshop on EU topics to 23 European youth workers and youngsters from 7 EU countries through the Erasmus+ project: 2019-1-RO01-KA105-061434 · “SEE the KEY II”. […]

E4Y Digital Guide – Dissemination event in Spain

On 6th of Septemer, 2019, Asociación PROJUVEN youth workers presented in Malaga, Spain the recently released “E4Y Digital Guide” which main aim is to provide sufficient knowledge and information based on case studies, best practices and concrete examples from across Europe regarding entrepreneurship, digital technologies and digital entrepreneurship, success stories of entrepreneurs, roles of NGOs […]

E4Y Dissemination event in Bulgaria

During July 2019 Alternativi International gathered youth workers from 10 different countries in Bansko, Bulgaria for an educational purpose. During the event Alternativi team used the opportunity to present project Entrepreneurship 4 Youth and it’s importance for providing youth workers all the necessary skills and competencies in order to be able to understand and deliver […]


In July 2019, in Blagoevgrad,Bulgaria during a meeting with youth workers Georgi Kuzmanov, Vice-chairperson of association Alternativi International presented the project E4Y and its outputs: -Survey report results -E-learning courses -Digital guide He dedicated time during the presentation to give guidelines for enrolling to learning platform as the participants were very interested in taking the […]

E4Y local dissemination in Portugal

On 16th of May, Joaquín Martín de Saavedra Rojas, member of the EU Projects Department at Intercultural Association Mobility Friends, delivered a workshop on the Erasmus+ KA 2 project 2017-3-EE01-KA205-046743 · “Entrepreneurship 4 Youth” to his EVS volunteers (2018-2-TR01-KA125-060455 · “Discover. Learn. Enjoy”), Esra Akhüseyinoglu and Ebru Ersöz. Both of them got to know about […]


On 20 of April 2019, Alternativi International team presented the E-learning platform of project Entrepreneurship 4 Youth to young people during an international conference held in Bansko, Bulgaria. Later the participants were invited to participate in the E-learning platform, enroll and have the opportunity to get certificate after completing the quizzes as well as disseminate […]