Testimonial – Kristina Nikolova

Hello dear everyone, my name is Kristina and I’m coming from Bulgaria from association Alternativi International. In the period between 21st and 27th of January I took part in a training course in Parnu, Estonia. The main reason I decided to participate in this project was because I was attracted to the name – Entrepreneurship […]

Testimonial – Vasil Dobrev

Hello dear everyone, my name is Vasil Dobrev and I’m coming from Bulgaria from association Alternativi International.  As a young person with a little bit of experience in the entrepreneurship sphere, I decided that taking part of this training course will be great idea. My expectation was fully fulfilled as the sessions was really interesting […]

Testimonial – Pedro Blasco

Our time in Parnu was such a great experience. In this training course took part participants of countries like Spain, Bulgaria, Portugal or Estonia. It was about social entrepreneurship. As a parallel activity we had to make previous exercises in an e-learning platform made for this training course with important concepts to have a clear […]

Testimonial – Márcia Carvalho

Participating in Entrepreneurship 4 Youth project in Pärnu was one of the best experiences I had abroad, because I had the opportunity to deal with people of other nationalities with other cultures and other education. In this training course I learned more about entrepreneurship through a playful, didactic and fun activities that, at the same […]


This training activity held in Estonia in January 2019 provided youth workers’ with new tools and knowledge on entrepreneurial learning which could possibly operate as the main catalyst in inspiring young people to be entrepreneurs and accelerate the further development of youth entrepreneurship culture across the EU. All training activities were planned to support the achievement […]