E4Y local dissemination in Portugal

On 16th of May, Joaquín Martín de Saavedra Rojas, member of the EU Projects Department at Intercultural Association Mobility Friends, delivered a workshop on the Erasmus+ KA 2 project 2017-3-EE01-KA205-046743 · “Entrepreneurship 4 Youth” to his EVS volunteers (2018-2-TR01-KA125-060455 · “Discover. Learn. Enjoy”), Esra Akhüseyinoglu and Ebru Ersöz. Both of them got to know about the first intellectual output (Moodle platform and its e-learning courses) and how to use it. All files and links were shared with them. After the workshop, Ms. Akhüseyinoglu and Ms. Ersöz started to spread the word to other European youngsters in an on-line (informing Turkish youth through social media networks) and off-line ways (informing the local Portuguese youth in Barcelos city center).

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