Testimonial – Márcia Carvalho

Participating in Entrepreneurship 4 Youth project in Pärnu was one of the best experiences I had abroad, because I had the opportunity to deal with people of other nationalities with other cultures and other education. In this training course I learned more about entrepreneurship through a playful, didactic and fun activities that, at the same time, it was possible to learn with them. I learned that teamwork is fundamental in this area, we can have a great team by having a good dialogue and communication that can reach consensus among all. The activities developed served to practice these capacities of communication, interaction and relationship with others, always keeping the theme of entrepreneurship.

Besides the training itself, the interaction between the other participants was spectacular, we did a lot of activities together inside and outside the training course and I developed my ability to speak in public which was a barrier for me, because I feel more comfortable with my native language, the Portuguese. Through the relationship with the rest of the group I was able to conclude that everyone has their difficulties, what really matters is to learn from each other. One of the goals that I had before going to the training course was to learn more about how to empower young people of my community through entrepreneurial education and this was possible during the course because of the activities that we realized.

I learned a lot about entrepreneurship, I made new friends and enlarged my network and I was able to meet new cities (Tallin, Helsinki and Pärnu) with a totally different way of life of mine. I am ready to use in Mobility Friends what learnt and I am waiting for new adventures!

Thank you so much!

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