Testimonial – Pedro Blasco

Our time in Parnu was such a great experience. In this training course took part participants of countries like Spain, Bulgaria, Portugal or Estonia. It was about social entrepreneurship. As a parallel activity we had to make previous exercises in an e-learning platform made for this training course with important concepts to have a clear idea about the topic. We could learn different concepts of social entrepreneurship as the difference between an entrepreneur and a businessman or enterprise and social entrepreneurship.

These skills can also be useful for our daily life as social worker. We did different case studies of real entrepreneurship in Estonia, as different experiences of social entrepreneurship in Parnu, we knew real cases of successful young entrepreneurs that can help us in our future.

Last day our trainer George introduced concepts related to take funds for our associations as Crowdfunding or different scholarships of Erasmus +. About social life, we organized an intercultural night and Sauna night. Definitely one of my favourite trainings course.

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